Is your favourite pastime having your nose stuck in a book? As well as other people’s lives? If so, then welcome to Tea With Stevie, I hope you enjoy your visit!

Seriously though, I’m Stevie and I am the author behind Tea With Stevie. What I’d love to do is give a space that delves into the art of flicking through a good book as well as the love of life, but also its struggles sometimes too, lets be realistic here.

Okay, so let’s do a little bit of a quickfire introduction:

Where am I?
I study in West London at the University of Roehampton, so most of the time (the best time) I am in London. The rest of the year I’m in a little town in Northamptonshire with my family.

What do I do?
I used to study a degree in Theology and Religious studies but I’ve now transferred to English Literature. Besides that I write for yous, and work in a bar part time!
I’m going to squeeze a bit of elaboration even though it’s meant to be quickfire. I would love to work in the publishing industry, but my original degree didn’t fit in line with that goal, so I thought I should probably switch before it was too late.

What are my hobbies?
As you can probably guess, I love reading books and about books. I also love photography and writing; non-fiction and essay-like writing rather than creatively, but never say never.
When I get the chance and the funds I also love travelling and exploring.

What is my prospect for Tea With Stevie?
I would love to grow my audience so that I can create a platform for book lovers and positive thinkers who can share reads and advice. I would also love to form some new friendships with other bloggers and readers.

3 thoughts on “About me / Stevie

    1. Hey!:) no I haven’t got the chance to read all of it yet, but as soon as I have I will write a post on it xx


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