I thought I’d have another hit at poetry for today’s prompt and just as a disclaimer, the poem does not reflect my personal view or approach to life but I want to explore different perspectives of the world and living. I am trying all sorts of ways to approach my writing and lifestyle and this is just one of my ponders into that. So, if you have any reactions to this poem please feel free to comment or message me about it.

And yes I am sitting stupidly close to water that has the potential to kill me in the feature image, hindsight is a beautiful thing.


A never realised utopia is formed,

in the lust for equilibrium.

Balancing life and mind globally,

nationally creating stability.



we are chaos as a people,

as a climate.

Synthetically creating a core,

that holds our life energy.

Flaccid is our effort to ever find



A world of imbalance is our reality.

Abandon the mess of

neutrality, ‘energy’ and perfection

that blunt our ability to learn

and grow

To face conflict, face sorrow that

creates a dynamic which progresses us.


Do not stand still in absolute balance,

for you will never move.

One thought on “Day 8 of My Writing Challenge: Balance.

  1. I certainly felt too many emotions and subjects all at once. Without enough time to feel any single emotion. I understood but confused feelings.

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