Today’s prompt is a little bit more informal, my creative juices aren’t flowing at the minute but I did want to do this prompt before I completely hit a wall, so here is my preachy entry, enjoooy.

Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five, Stranger Things’ group of outcasts, Scooby-doo and the Mystery Gang, the friends helping ET go home- The list could go on. Nostalgia in groups of dysfunctional friends sells, why? Because audiences love to see themselves represented and the rose tinted view of childhood or lack thereof is one of the most powerful memories for growing teenagers and particularly adults. In these fictional groups there is this sense of solidarity and togetherness that as an adult I miss as I grow older and more distant from those around me that I love, whether that is due to work, romantic relationships, physical distance or an amalgamation of all of the above who knows? But the misconception underlying them all is the idea that I do not have time, when in fact I do. I find myself too comfortable in this process of life rolling along and I do not allow myself time to connect with those I love or in fact just be relaxed and mindless in their company enough.

In this isolation I have found that while for the last couple of years I have been distanced from my friends and family because it is easier to stick to my normality than disturb both mine theirs. It has dawned on me that normality is supposed to be disturbed, it is okay to have space but it is not okay to isolate myself from everyone. I am not at all sure what this writing entry is, but I believe that what I am trying to say is that adulthood should not be so different to the act of relying on others to develop ourselves as it was in our childhood. We should continue to practice this togetherness that we so often miss from when we were children, not everything has to be done alone. While this message has revealed itself to me at an inopportune time such as this, there are other ways to connect even if that is through something like animal crossing.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

See you tomorrow.

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