When I saw this prompt I was a bit shocked, seemed a little far-fetched and cliche, but I suppose that only depends on how you approach it. I’m going to make mine short and sweet to avoid it turning gross.

I like to take a naturalistic approach to my work. In many of my stories I create a safe haven full of greenery, an array of wild flowers, dirt and leaves. It comes from a need for myself to be surrounded by nature in its most beautiful form. That can sometimes be those nicely trimmed and colour coordinated gardens of Chelsea flower show but I much prefer the wholesome, homely feel of the Fulham palace allotments and botanical garden. Nothing can beat my grandmas garden though, let’s be honest. It is what I would call the real work of a green thumb.

The perfect scene to me would be a garden full of wild flowers, a flurry of butterflies and bees in the foreground of a pastel lavender bed. The scene would not be ruined by people as we often regard them, instead of destroying their environment they would be building the pillars for it to flourish. Learning to grow fresh produce and potent herbs, seeing their hard work coming to fruition.

Do not misunderstand, I could not live without the many material and modern distractions of our lives, but something so close to our basic instincts evokes something quite pure within me. I love to capture the Earth’s riches in photography, writing and design and I have been wondering on why this is. When preparing this entry I think I fell upon the root of it. What grows on this Earth is as close to the one thing that is intrinsic to it and I want to adore it for all that it is, how much more perfect can you ask for?

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