I’m very excited about today’s prompt because I get to write about food. I’ve never actually written food into any of my stories really but I love reading food preparation and imagery in Japanese novels and watching it in anime. I don’t know why but it is just my favourite thing, it makes me SO hungry and I always visualise the imagery so vividly that it draws me in. Is that weird? I am not sure. So what I thought I’d do with is combine my two faves, I’m going to watch some anime and all my favourite food bits and then try to describe it and imitate some Japanese food writing that I admire in Murakami’s novels.

It is a little niche, but I love food sooo…


It was the last night in the family house and Lea decided to use up all the fresh produce that she had to make up something to say a wholehearted goodbye.

She began by placing chicken and broth in a large pot and allowing it to simmer while she prepared her other ingredients. She checked over all of her fresh vegetables for any dirt or bruise that could blemish the dish, luckily they all looked as rich and ripe as she could have hoped. Then she continued to shred mushrooms, bamboo shoots, spring onions and courgette which were then placed into a bowl to the side and then proceeded to finely chop onions and garlic.

It took a few hours for the chicken to soften and in the meantime Lea boiled some water to brew some lemon and ginger tea that she used to calm the blend of loss and excitement she felt to be leaving home tomorrow. Holding the hot cup up to her nose she inhaled the sweet concoction, deeply to savour the moment. She had been sitting by the window a long while watching the birds dance from one branch to the next, meditating on what her move will bring and feeling nostalgic as the room filled with the smell of ginger and the beginning of her soup.

The strong savoury smell of the chicken meant it was time to put the real love into the dish and so she removed the chicken carefully from the pot and began to shred the meat from the bone. After returning the bones to the broth to get as much flavour to the dish as she could manage she turned to stir frying the vegetables for a while. The cook added a dash of soy sauce and then some because she was guiltily fond of its saltiness along with a small amount of ginger and garlic. Afterwards she drained the stock and added the vegetables, leaving it to simmer. Preparing the noodles was never any bother which she did next and then finally began to distribute it all into bowls. The long rice noodles spiralled into a satisfying coil in the bottom of the bowl, then generous amounts of chicken was placed on top, the juices of which covered the noodles in a brilliant marinade. Finally the broth and vegetables was emptied with a large ladle into the bowls which lifted the noodles in a pool of golden and rich liquid.

Lea looked over her work and mess, satisfied with her result but saddened as she turned the stove off for what was probably the last time. She called out to her parents that dinner was done and they entered the kitchen with many compliments to the smell that filled the room.

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