This prompt was a bit of a difficult one for me as I was struggling to write as it was and then talking about the sun which I haven’t taken advantage of in a while completely trumped me. But, I thought I might as well try and post it a day late anyway. So here it is:


The room was bleak. It was deep into the night and they had no fire, no torch, no light but they had to set up camp somewhere. Two figures curled up on the floor and reached out to one another to remind themselves that they were not sleeping alone.

If the dark wasn’t so cold it would not have been too bad, but the air nipped at their skin as the wind cut through the cracks in the windows. To fight the cold they gathered all of the materials that they could lay their hands on, including the curtains. They began to wait out the night. They seldom slept through fear of the figures forming in the black, which lingered and distorted the more they stared. 

The girls must have slept, though fitfully, as something disturbed their rest. A beam of warm light crossed over their eyes, it was soft and gentle as the day had only just began to break. Startled by the sudden passing of time and the fear still sitting in the backs of their minds the girls darted out of their nests and crouched defensively like tigers. The sun illuminated their faces, and seemed to dissolve their fears one by one and softening their feature, a welcome to the growing warmth of the morning. The bars of light cut through the dust and dampness of the room, it held a veil of safety over the two girls and their courage began to rekindle in their chest as they prepared themselves for another day of travel.

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