Today’s prompt is Heart and I am supposed to be writing from the perspective of an animal which I am not quite doing but I thought it was okay to bend the rules a bit. This is my first real attempt of poetry and I am scared, embarrassed and excited about it so go easy on me!


Disguised in the background of creation
its journey is hardly noticed,
by eye nor ear.
Until finally it sings.
It sing for love, it sings for
It sings too to welcome Spring
as you have likely heard before.

More so does it walk.
Unblemished by the tumult above,
below and around it.
It relishes in the insides of plastic,
tins and flesh.
Red are its footprints embellishing its trail.
too many enter the scene,
but at least it thrives.

An impersonal and busy thing,
but blind.
Blind to our failures as vultures,
too large, too occupied
with a plight since forgotten.
Still it walks and scatters and
creates a home in our entrails
animating the body

almost alive.

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