Last week the housemates and I went to Tate Modern to see the Dora Maar photography and painting exhibition, this was mainly for one of my housemates who is doing a photography course but I found the pieces super interesting, so I thought I would write a little post on some of my favourite photos and things that I found interesting about her work.

I have always been intrigued and interested in nude photography, I don’t like erotica exactly, I prefer the natural silhouette of the human body and expression, I also love the capture of movement and contortions of anatomy. So this is likely why Dora Maar’s nude photography room was my favourite. Here are a few examples that I enjoyed the most.



The first photograph is called Nude in a doorway and what I loved most about this was the relaxed posture and lack of extension. She is completely normalised which makes the shadows and image soft and attractive. While in the second (seated nude, back view), the model moves in a way that accentuates her shape, but it comes off as effortless and the shadows formed above her and the gloominess of the picture makes it seem more casual to me.



 I found these still life paintings by Dora Maar quite tragic. While these are untitled and more conventional pieces compared to most of her other work, these expressed to me a sense of instability and two distinct difference in mind.  The first image was painted towards the end of the Second World War, and it is clear in a number of Picasso’s paintings as well as her own that she struggled through this period as much as others, she became isolated and alone, during occupied Paris her family fled her mother and close friend died, friends too were exiled from the city and I feel that it was portrayed, perhaps unintentionally in this simple still life.

One of my favourite aspects of this exhibition is the fact that she is recognised almost purely for who she is individually and not as Picasso’s muse and affair. While he is a large aspect in the last room of the exhibition, the majority of the works and information displayed is a celebration of her contributions and art which I thoroughly enjoyed as we encourage more celebrations of female artists that have been restricted throughout history.

I very much encourage you to visit the Dora Maar exhibition at Tate Modern if you’re interested in fashion, surrealist photography and art. Or even if you just want to get into photography and be inspired by women. The exhibition is open until 15th March and I got a Student Art Pass from here which makes it much cheaper, instead of £12 for a student ticket I paid £6.50 and there are so many other perks in relation to art and culture that it unlocks so it’s definitely worth £5 I’d say!

I hope you enjoyed this little change in pace and I’ll be back soon 🙂



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