I have been hesitant to try out a kindle E-reader for a long time. I used to bash them hard because I love physical books and the way that they look on shelves and such, there is something very therapeutic about just flicking through pages. I also worried that purchasing a kindle and buying e-books for cheap or for ease would help destroy the industry of publishing physical books as well as damaging independent book stores and authors. Regardless of these true worries, I bought one.


I made the decision mainly because I’m starting my new course in English Literature soon and so I’ll need many books. As a student I cannot really afford to purchase all of these texts at full price in the next 3 years I also hate lugging around my laptop, books, notepad, pencil case and usually lunch and drinks. It’s just too much, so with a kindle I can save so much room in my bag and be able to study texts and carry notes to more places without the hassle.

I did at first worry that I will get addicted to buying these e-books because I can have them all in one place and it gives me a chance to try books I wouldn’t usually and not worry if I didn’t particularly enjoy it. However, something completely different came as a result. I’ve found that I’ve wanted to buy more physical books since having my kindle, this is because in my mind I’ve separated what books I see as necessary and those that are leisure and important to me emotionally. So what I have decided is that I will purchase e-books that I need for educational purposes or those that I am not particularly sure about and then I will buy physical copies for books that I have highly anticipated, authors that I love and books that I think I will likely enjoy. Many more books come under the second category. I genuinely think my kindle inspires me to buy more, not less.


I still have my bittersweet opinions of the kindle because I really want to support the book industry as much as I can but for now, in my circumstances, I think I have found a healthy balance between the two and still much prefer to read physical books. There are other areas I need to try also though. I used to be quite a big library goer when I was younger but as I got older I just never borrowed books from there, mainly because I lost interest in reading. Now I still don’t borrow from libraries which is a massive shame because I believe they need more and more support as rural libraries are under threat of closure so that is something I’m going to try again since we have a beautiful library at uni. My only issue is that I often read based on what specific genre or type of story I fancy at that moment so it can take me ages to read library books and before I know it someone is waiting for the copy or I’ve renewed it like 3 times and haven’t even picked it up.

I don’t really know what this post was meant to do, I just wanted to express my feelings about this part of the book industry and how it is changing from my perspective. If I’m being an absolute book sinner I apologise. Let me know how you feel about it, I’d love to hear other people’s view on Kindle e-readers.

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