So I’m currently breaking all the rules, I’m sitting on my bed bulk writing posts because I’ve started practically full time work and today’s my day off so comfort is key. But I am writing out of necessity and to make life easier when I’m super busy so this is a one off, I usually avoid writing in my room at all costs.

In today’s post, I am going to give you the main tip that I USUALLY follow to keep my productivity high and work rolling. Which is finding your perfect environment.

Tip number ONE

Go to a public place that suits your aesthetic. For me, I love libraries and cafes, or even better cafes IN libraries. I like to have really tasty drinks and treats nearby as well as being surrounded by others researching or working on their own stuff, it motivates me to crack on with my progress as I can see everyone getting ahead on their own. I don’t think it’s a competitive motive, they play more of an inspirational role.

Something I think is also important, yes it’s fun to try all the snacks and drinks at a cafe and you might also decide that it is all so relaxing so you just end up chilling reading a book or on your phone while sipping your hot chocolate and eating your rocky road, but this is counterproductive. You should turn your phone off, or at least set a timer to get a big chunk of work done and then perhaps as a break go on your phone. Also, do not buy the whole menu, it isn’t good for your work, wallet or health.

2019-08-05 15:07:00.030

Tip number TWO

If you aren’t fancying a cafe because there aren’t any decent places about or because you want to cut down on spending then my next favourite place to study or write is the garden, anywhere accessible outside that is peaceful and quiet. I like to set up a station with everything I need so I can just sit and get stuck in while enjoying the weather and the uplifting vibes of nature.

Something that I am super keen to try out is perhaps taking a picnic somewhere, a one man picnic. Or if you’re one of them that can study in a group then that would be cool too. When I go back to London I will be living near Richmond Park and where is more perfect to picnic and write or study than there? At Roehampton we also have a nature-full campus and a stunning library so I’ll have plenty of places to choose from when I’m back at uni.

2019-05-14 13:58:24.388

Tip number THREE

This is one if you have the cash money to execute it (which I certainly do not, but wish I could). It is to revamp your study space which could be your office or studying area. It would be a massive boost to your motivation to work in a space that you actually enjoy both comfort wise and aesthetically. Of course don’t ram it with all things that would distract you, only your necessities for work and the rest should be decor I think. Whatever suits you, whether that be a slick chic aesthetic or full on tacky galore.

I’m going to be moving into a new house for round 2 of uni and although I have like zero space I’m still going to make the absolute most of it by adding touches and making my space organised and neat so that I can make myself study in it. We also managed to get a house with a patio garden so I am equally as excited to find a way to study out there in better weather.

2019-08-05 15:08:00.087

I’ve been feeling super productive even with everything being crammed into my days at the moment so I’m excited to be writing and I hope that you create something you’re proud of soon.


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