This next year of University I will be renting a room in a shared house with a few friends, so I have told myself I am not allowed to bring all my plants back with me. I have decided to take only 3 back so that when I get there I can figure out the space if it is possible to have anymore that wouldn’t inconvenience any of my housemates. Because I’ve decided this I thought I’d do a little post on my favourite plants that I chose and how I find looking after them, their aesthetic and perhaps some of the difficulty I’ve faced.

1. Maranta Leuconeura ‘Fascinator – This is my absolute favourite plant I have ever owned. It is so pretty and (fascinat)ing to watch, in all plants you can see over time that they move towards the sun, but with this plant throughout the day the leaves adjust and open and close according to the light circumstances which I think is pretty cool. The vivid colours of the foliage is really satisfying to keep healthy and thriving, I have been very pleased with mine as since I bought it, 5 or so leaves have grown and unrolled. I have even been fortunate enough for it to grow a new stem and flower a few buds which is very rewarding because at least I know I’m looking after it well enough. I have found that it isn’t too difficult to look after either, I do not place it in direct sunlight first thing in the morning as my room currently is an East facing window so it is much too harsh in the morning and risks the leaves fading, but I allow it to have some filtered light later in the morning and then continue to have the light from the rest of the day and this has worked out pretty well.img_82582. Senecio rowleyanus ‘String of Pearls’ – This is a super low maintenance plant with really satisfying results. The String of Pearls is an odd looking plant, a draping string of bead-like foliage, rightfully nicknamed the string of pearls. I have this in a hanging pot so you can view the full effect, it’s ridiculously easy to keep alive so you can just sit back and enjoy its presence. The only hardship with this plant it having to detangle its foliage. I’ve actually been trying to propagate my string of pearls as I heard that it is one of the easiest to take cuttings from, so I tried planting the cuttings directly into soil as well as popping them in water and stimulating root growth. I’m unsure how productive planting directly into the soil is, but I am far too impatient so I’ve given up on that route as my cuttings in water are showing sure signs of root growth so that excites me a bit more. Fingers crossed I can pull this off.img_82693. Fittonia albivenis ‘Nerve Plant’
I’ve found my fittonia quite difficult to look after, I purchased it purely for its look and aesthetic which I am often very guilty of doing because then I have it and I’m like ‘shit, how do I keep this thing alive??’ Well, I think I may have found a good balance of water, potting and light to keep mine relatively healthy. I heard that you shouldn’t water them until they’ve completely drooped or their soil is bone dry, so me being a beginner (still am) and lazy I left it far too long and the poor thing just shrivelled up. So I ended up cutting it all back and praying that it would regrow, and luckily it did. Now I have a very small patchy fittonia but at least it’s alive. I decided to pop it into a terrarium type pot to keep it sheltered but not covered and keeping a moisture meter in at all times so I can really keep an eye on it.


But yeah, these are the plants I’ve loved and allowed myself to take back to uni. It is likely that you’ll find in a few months time I will have collected quite a few more but for now I need to be sensible as I’m moving them into a new area with new light and humidity so we’ll see.