Here comes another mood board. I’m really really enjoying them at the mo.

step out in tyle.png

This one is much more topical than the last, but that is very fitting for our boy Atticus Finch. He was without a doubt my favourite character from Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, a close second being Jean-Louise (Scout). I loved his unorthodox approach to life in 1930’s southern America, while black people were given their ‘freedom’ decades before they were still very much treated as inferior citizens and perhaps not even people. Segregated to their own habitation in a run down part of town and the constant intimidation from white folks, all still present at this time in the novel. However, Atticus is to be an adamant lawyer to a black man, a case that ends too often in the white mans favour, which shows his commitment and revolutionary thinking that is way ahead of his time.

Overall, I found Atticus a tired old man who loves and acts as much of a role model for his children as he can. I admired that about him and the life lessons that he teaches his children, of which Jem adopts wholeheartedly. His efforts as a father and a townsman are very much up and down and he misunderstands many behaviours from his, excuse the outdated word, tomboyish daughter. But this journey and developments in his relationship with his children is what I love most about him.

About ‘Go Set a Watchman’…

I was so excited to continue the experience after finishing ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, but after being told how badly received the novel was and the transformed portrayal of Atticus, I think I’ll happily give it a miss. I had a look at a few plot summaries after deciding I definitely will not read it and I was thoroughly disappointed. I won’t explain why in case you would like to give it a read, but I know that it will ruin my love for Atticus and the novel as a whole without good reason.

I hope you enjoyed another mini post on one of my new mood boards.

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