Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. (…again)


This is a simplified version of how I see Midori in Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. When I was planning this post I knew that I wanted to mood board one of the girls, Naoko or Midori. I found that although Naoki seems to be the most troubled and main female character in Norwegian Wood, to me Midori was much more prominent she had bizarre personality spikes and made the atmosphere of the novel that bit more colourful.

I’m not going to go into the reasoning behind each image because I feel like a little interpretation is more fun and if you read the book and find yourself as drawn to Midori as I was then I think you’ll be able to see what traits and scenes I have depicted. She plays a deep role in the conflicted and struggling Toru Watanabe and Midori herself has complex baggage along with her. Her brash approach to life demonstrates a completely unapologetic and open woman which is what I love most about her. Despite her brutally honest and often sexual comments, she can be sensitive and understanding of Watanabe, and does surprisingly well considering the large emotional toll on her for the most part of the novel.

In a way, Midori provides comedy relief within the plot, as much of the novel is heavy and in areas difficult to cope with in terms of Naoko’s psychosis and Toru’s depression and moments of irrationality. But, I would hate to see her character undermined in that way. As more opens up about Midori you see the way that her behaviour, reactions and opinions are shaped by her circumstances and treatment as a child. Her quirky and shocking personality becomes understandable and I personally began to empathise deeply with her.


I have a lot of fun making these mood boards, so it is likely that I will create a board on my blog pinterest: Tea With Stevie  where I will put these moodboards for my favourite book characters.


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