I feel like I talk about slumps quite often on here or my Instagram and unfortunately its because I seem to get into them quite often. Which is why it’s so important that every time I get into them I recognise what’s going wrong, what I can do to make them more bearable and less frequent. After my last few slumps I’ve collected a few small tips and changes that I’ve made that maybe you should try when you’re a bit blue.

  1. If you’re like me and when you’re like this you really struggle to get out of bed and some days (I shamefully admit) you spend pretty much aaaall day in bed, then here are a few things I do to make it a bit easier: Firstly I gauge how impossible I feel, if I can’t at all get out of bed I will do what every other person would advise against and that is, I go on my phone for 10 to 15 minutes. It might not be a good idea for everyone, but for me, it helps me adjust, to wake up and actually feel a little bit functional. Sometimes I’ll skip this part but if it’s a particularly difficult morning I need this smooth transition.2494205808512236105_img_7977

    Next, I get up, make my bed so I’m not tempted to get back in it and then I go and get myself a cup of coffee with my breakfast and just sit on my bed watching TV for another 15 minutes, if you don’t like coffee or drink caffeine then just get your favourite beverage and food to make you feel good. So far my morning routine seems sooo lazy and unproductive but when you’re feeling like I said – impossible, you need this smooth transition and it can often be unrealistic to expect yourself to shoot out of bed with 110% motivation and crack on with your day, so I choose to take things slow but sure. Once this is all done, I do get ready and start my day which would only happen for me with this start up.

  2. Now we are awake and started our day, it’s all too easy to stay sitting on your bed watching telly, to avoid doing this I plan my day outside of my room and try to vary what I do. Living in a uni room can make this difficult because your space is kinda the equivalent of a whole house in one room, but instead of say reading in my room, I’ll go to the library or cafe. Instead of doing work on my bed (as a result of which I end up literally falling asleep) I move to the kitchen or library. I believe that the environment you work or chill in is incredibly important, you can start to feel really isolated if you do everything in one room all the time, so introducing a little variety can really help this and if you have people to do it with its even more effective.
  3. I love to clean and organise my stuff when I’m feeling crappy because a tidy home is a tidy mind and if you fill it with things you love then its just a positive area to surround yourself with. My favourite things to have and sort in my room are my plants, a vase of flowers, reorganising my books and my wardrobe. They sound like such mundane things but caring for my plants makes me feel responsible for something, I love books so just reorganising and seeing which ones I’ve got to read just puts me in a good mood and finding new ways to sort my wardrobe just makes my life easier because I hate having no order to my clothes.-3223833883791508656_img_0446
  4. So far I’ve been able to tie things into their own categories but here are a few random things I’ve found help me a lot: I love going food shopping, even if it’s not a weekly shop I like to pick something up to make feel good food that looks and tastes good. But at the same time, I hardly ever eat junk food but when I’m feeling bad I sometimes have a little binge, because treats now and then don’t harm no one.
    I’ve noticed that exercise also helps me maintain a good mood and prevent slumps happening for a while so going to the gym is something I’ve got to try and keep up even if I’m not feeling so motivated about it.A very materialistic and expensive treat that I also like is getting my nails done, having some falsies never fails to give me that little bit of added confidence and girly vibe.


For now that’s all I can really think off, if I think of any more I’ll probably pop them into Instagram posts and stories so go over and follow my Instagram if you haven’t yet. I hope you’re super positive and getting those goals, but remember it is just as okay to feel a bit rubbish as it is to feel super happy because it’s entirely natural.

Thank you 🙂 x

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