I thought that a good way to celebrate International Women’s Day would be to talk about my favourite and strongest women in my life as well as how I myself would like to be strong and therefore feminine.

Part I

Women in my life.

SO, first of all, my two best friends (Hope, photo 1 and Georgie, photo 4) are my favourite young women in my life. In the last year we have separated to pursue what scarily is our adult lives, me and Hope have gone off to different Universities which makes you somewhat strong these days in itself, and Georgie has a head start on us and is already on the road to a happy adult life and career. Although our paths are different they both inspire me in different ways on how to live as we get older even if I don’t show it much. These girls act as a pillar of familiarity and visual growth in my life. I feel like everyone needs that, they are there as my childhood friends who keep me grounded as well as a measurement of how quickly and unexpectedly life happens and how cool it is that we see each other changing.

Next I’ll speak a bit about my mum (Photo 2) by the picture you can probably see that she has a big personality. My mum to me is a huge example of how you can pick yourself up from the most difficult times and although things can be tough with my mum, she somehow manages to fill the room and have the most fun she possibly can. I’m especially grateful for her support while everything is new and different here at uni, because in testing times all anyone often wants is their mum.

Now, my Nan (My mum’s mum, photo 5) all I can say is that she had to put up with my mum and if nothing else, that makes her the strongest woman alive (I’m joking, I love you really mum), but seriously, my Nan tries her hardest to keep as many people as possible comfortable and happy even if it is difficult at times. For me, my Nan is the best role model for her hospitality, kindness and manners, to which I would like to live up to when I get the chance. Finally, my Grandma (my Dad’s mum, photo 3), my idol. She is caring but also takes no crap. She helps me in a million and one ways, so much so that I’ll probably never be able to repay her. But her unconditional care and straight talking/thinking nature is something I pray I inherit because that’s the kind of strong I aspire to be as a woman.

Part II: 


I feel like people get scared to talk about their strengths, weaknesses and how well they’re doing but when is a better time than now to share? I’ve been struggling lately with having to be wholly independent, don’t get me wrong I love my own company and having control over my own life for once, however I tend to base my happiness and the measurement of how well I’m doing off of my relationships around me. But recently, after some major changes to my relationships and perspective, I have found that I can be comfortable in my independence and instead of basing my mood and motivation on the affection and attitude of others, I do things entirely for myself. From this evolution in my mindset I’ve been able to study better with a clearer mind, work harder and write more genuinely on my blog. But the biggest bonus is that I now have the ambition to follow new goals and career paths in mind.


…… And that is my post for International Women’s Day. I hope that it gives you a little incentive to think about the strong and inspirational women in your life. I also hope you’re enjoying the blog and my Instagram: @Teawithsteviex lately, I know that I have been enjoying doing it 🙂 xx

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