Being at University may seem like the best experience that you’ll have in your youth (or life, not excluding the mature students out there) and it is often depicted idealistically on social media, obviously only showing the fun and exciting parts and not the parts where you’re looking at your bank balance and missing your family who are hours away. Don’t get me wrong, I love university for the freedom it gives me, the new environment and how intellectually challenging it is. However, I miss my friends and family more than I could have expected and the absence of familiarity that is home does make me feel a little lost and I am sure that I am not the only one feeling this way. So, I have decided to document my Mum’s visit to London for the weekend to remind myself of these times when I’m in a bit of a rut here at uni and also to show you a few pictures that I enjoyed taking in some quaint and beautiful parts of London.


Our first plan of action was to go to a cocktail bar in Soho, we went to Swift, a small and cosy cocktail bar on Old Compton St where we grabbed one cocktail each because I’m a poor student and my bank account would have suffered majorly if I indulged in their various cocktails and jazz environment.


After that we went looking for something to eat to try and act as a sponge for the alcohol we were consuming, but everywhere was heaving with people as you would expect on a Friday night in central London. So, with the crowds we were lured into Club49 for a few more cocktails, at this point we were almost doing a cocktail bar crawl, but we refrained and finally found a Spoons (classic) where we got some food….. and more drinks. As you can gather we were a little merry by the time we got home hence why I only have one decent picture from the entire night, but we had a good day planned for the Saturday, so we got a greasy pizza and went to bed.


After a few hours of getting our heads back on straight, we set off for something more local. I live in a more rural part of London, a short bus journey from Putney and Fulham and we wanted something green and pretty. With the blessing that is the warm weather right now we went and stood along by the Thames, had lunch in Putney, looked around Fulham Palace with its beautiful gardens and wandered around Bishops Park with ice-cream in hand, it really did feel like spring or summer.


You better believe that it was nearly impossible for me not to buy so many of these plants, but I knew that in my small room I wouldn’t be able to give them the best home as they seemed to be more outdoorsy than okay to be stuck in my window.

I’m going to upload more pictures that I took in the walled gardens of Fulham palace and its green houses in my Gallery. I loved this opportunity to whip my camera out and capture the hard work that goes into the allotments there and the nature surrounding it.


Like all Sundays should be, we took it slow and lazily. We went for breakfast in Putney and headed back to uni to stroll around the campus as it is so full of nature and pretty scenes that we thought that would be the best ending to my mum’s stay before she hops on the train home. So really, we didn’t do much but it allowed us to collect ourselves from the days before and de-stress.

This was the only picture I had from Sunday oops.
I swear I’m not as moody as I look…

And that was my weekend, for some it may not have been as extravagant as many people would like, but it was definitely what I needed because stress, loneliness and homesickness are very real things to me and taking note of these good times with family is important in trying to keep these things to a bare minimum. I cannot stress enough that if you’re a student and are feeling this way, just hold on to things like this and do as much as you can to create comforting memories even if they’re things that you do on your own.

Thank you for reading 🙂 x

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