Its the new year and I feel that I often realise that I’ve been stuck to the same things and same routine I have blindly followed for the last month or so. To avoid this I’ve actively gone looking for new things to add into my life that shake things up a little bit.

Favourite Person.

Its likely that another favourite will link to this guy, but Reggie Yates is my current favourite person. I had already watched documentaries that he had done in the past, but after listening to his podcast, watching a few more documentaries and following his Instagram, he has become a very motivating and positive influence on my life. He is constantly looking for ways to better himself whether that be mentally, physically or spiritually but he isn’t presenting himself as this higher being, above others because he is very well known and influential, unlike many, he is very human, normal and relatable.

Favourite Hobby.

I have recently bought 5 new plants to add to my 4 that I have already. I wanted more plants because they make my room feel fresh and vibrant, I may have slightly underestimated the amount of care so many plants need but I’m excited for this challenge. Living alone at uni can have its lonely moments and as sad as I know it sounds, it’s nice to have responsibility for something such as plants, if you neglect them you can see them wither, so it is satisfying to keep them alive and thriving. However, something I didn’t think about is that by filling my room with plants and vases of flowers, it sets off my hayfever which is great! (It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make)

Favourite Read.

The two books that I have read recently is Talking With Female Serial Killers by Christopher Berry-Dee and We Are Displaced by Malala Yousafzai, two completely different reads but because Malala is my role model and I am interested in what she does for girls’ education I enjoyed reading I Am Displaced more. I found her new book so eye-opening and a window into seeing a completely different world and life to what me and my friends would ever know. It’s made me look at people with a slightly different perspective, many of the girls that Malala had met and talks about are in western countries as refugees or living there now as a citizen, but they still have their trauma and the loss of their home and in cases, family. So, in day to day life I tell myself if I am ever in a situation you must be considerate of others who have come to this country with no other choice, for the sake of their lives, picking up a new language, culture and lifestyle.

Favourite Podcast.

I currently rely on podcasts to get through my day, I have for the last month or 2 found it difficult to sleep at night because my brain is still way too active when I’m meant to be getting rest and its too busy resting when I want to get up and be motivated, so I have 2 podcasts that really help both of these problems. To help me sleep I listen to the podcast ‘Sleepy’ on Spotify, the concept is simple but very effective for me. A guy called Otis Gray reads old books, he doesn’t change his voice often and is rather monotone and by following his voice and paying as little attention as possible I find that my mind isn’t able to go into overdrive and instead drifts to sleep. Then to get up in the morning, when I’m not testing other podcasts that work, I listen to the Reggie Yates podcast on Spotify where him and his friends chat about everything and anything, they often have a special guest but when they don’t they just catch up and chat about current affairs, but they’re so funny and entertaining that their upbeat and hilarious conversations really wake me up and get me going for the day.

Favourite Purchase.

My new camera. I bought a Canon 4000D DSLR camera, it wasn’t pricey for DSLR cameras and is often seen as an introduction into photography. For me this is perfect because I have no professional knowledge of photography and I just take pictures that I think look good, it’s complete guesswork with all of the settings. I bought the camera so that I can post better quality photos in my blog posts and for my Instagram, so far I have loved taking pictures with this camera and I can tell the quality difference so much and I’m quite happy with the content of photos I have so far. I am yet to build the confidence to whip it out whenever I am out, but I’m sure that’ll come with time.


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