So, today I will be reviewing the most recent volume of The Sunday Girl Magazine. In September last year I reviewed the 6th volume and after reading and enjoying the beautiful aesthetic of it, I am now a dedicated fan and want to keep buying each volume as they come out. I just love the style and message that the magazine promotes, I feel as if I fully resonate with their tagline:

“Intellectual Talk and Fashion for girls who don’t follow the crowd”


Look at how beautiful this magazine is to photograph? Its pastel pink, with gorgeous Zara Martin on the cover and its not overcrowded like many popular magazines, its simplistic and subtle. The cover girl Zara Martin is interviewed as a main feature in the magazine and I have to admit, I had no idea who she was before seeing her on the front. But after reading about her, she is incredibly inspiring to me, she has contrasting and varied interests and talents. She is a perfect picture of a intellectual and strong woman, not forgetting beautiful also.

Out of the contents of brilliant writers and stunning fashion photography, my favourite section of issue seven is ‘Twigas’ House’, I am very interested in humanitarianism and charity so I love reading about young girls and young people in general getting involved with charity and I loved that Sunday Girl Magazine wanted to promote this often unglamourous but incredibly important aspect of life with their fashion and lifestyle content. I’m not going to talk too much about the actual content because YOU should definitely read it for yourself.


From the last magazine, I took away some messages that are so so important in today’s society. From issue seven I of course took away some more lessons that I think everyone should be knowing. Lynsey Rose Kay writes about putting yourself first and removing all daily and recurring negatives from your social media life so that you aren’t consuming negativity through unconscious routine, which I think is so relevant right now with the ever increasing pressures of social media.

I hope that you purchase and read The Sunday Girl Magazine even if its just for the search for life and mental health tips, because there are always articles that are going to be right up your street.

Another one of my favourite things from these magazines are the full page graphics that they do, such as this ‘Self Love’ page that you could 100% use as a poster in your room or for scrap booking, (Of course when you’ve definitely finished reading the magazine). I have a wall in my uni room for brightly coloured, positive and slightly cheesy prints and posters and I love this page so it’s going straight on my wall.

Thank you for reading my review of issue seven of Sunday Girl and I hope you go and purchase it because they are an independent and beautiful magazine and they deserve so much support!

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