By this point I think that we’ve all seen the back and forth arguing between Piers Morgan, Little Mix and Ariana Grande. While I don’t usually pay much attention to celebrity feuds, this one caught my attention and got me raging. For decades- accelerating from the equal right to vote, women have been taking back their bodies, building back their own autonomy and making sure that men and their society do not treat them as property or take advantage of them. 

The women of today have progressed to a standard that we can live comfortably and to an extent freely, independent and responsible for our own minds, bodies and future- but, there are very large and intimidating boundaries that we still need to break. In this sense, the power of men in the media, or rather the toxic traits that the media platform tends to breathe into society. 

As we all know, Piers Morgan is an opinionated giant of morning television, and there is nothing wrong with that, to be opinionated is healthy and has many benefits and on some matters I even agree with him. However, being one of the biggest morning television shows, with many young school-age children watching, presenters must pay closer attention to what they’re projecting onto their viewers.

With this matter of Little Mix posing naked, covering themselves appropriately with writing of the insults and comments made about them in their lifetime and career, I found Piers’ comments completely unacceptable. They are no doubt talented and beautiful ladies, their fame and success over the years have rocketed to where they are now. But Piers claims that they’re selling their bodies and sexuality to promote their album and therefore making more money.

This is outrageous, for a start they are very independent and empowered women, they feel comfortable to expose their skin despite the personal flaws they have with themselves in order to show girls that they shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are. I will celebrate the day that as men and women we can accept skin as a part of the human anatomy and even if it is sexualised, instead of being frowned upon and belittled, it should be revered because sexuality should never be stigmatised as shameful.

While Piers Morgan is often a very well-read and- dare I inflate his ego?- Intelligent man, he completely misses the aim and intention of Little Mix’s message, slamming them for their own  use of their bodies, informing them that they are not ‘classy’ enough and other outdated labels, which completely contradicts what they are promoting and too makes him suspect of those who bully girls and women in a way that Little Mix are presenting to their fans. 

I am honestly disappointed that at such an influential level, someone would publicly discriminate and abuse such inspiring and talented women, alongside other female icons- Ariana Grande and Ellen Degeneres. What made me personally upset was the outright disrespect Piers inflicted by having Jesy Nelson’s Instagram picture on screen while constantly commenting on her lack of talent, class and genuineness. It is a crystal clear example of someone trying to drag and belittle the well earned status of powerful women because they are afraid of the control and ownership of her own sexuality and body.

I could talk all day about this matter, but for now I just want to present my concise thoughts and might come back to this at a later date.

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