I have been really getting into reading magazines lately, I love the format of them! Sure a book is more satisfying as a whole world is created in your mind, however, if you’re like me and get burnt out and don’t have the energy to read a hefty plot, then magazines are perfect. They are not too long, not too short and feature snappy articles that are enlightening and thought provoking. I especially found this with the 6th issue of ‘Sunday Girl’.


This particular magazine appealed to me because I love to read quite academic and intellectual books and I had not really considered many magazines that I had seen very academic or intelligent. They seemed to be very soap and celeb centred, which I have no productive interest in. But to me Sunday Girl presented a very fun and creative way of reading intellectual writing as well as providing insight into the power, business and creativity of women.

That is another reason I picked this title up, I would consider myself a feminist and I love easy but inspiring reads that I can use as a nice refreshment in such a bogged down world. The magazine itself is very attractive which is definitely a factor that made me want to buy it, I love beautiful books and so it applied in the same manner to magazines. I am glad that the content of Sunday Girl lived up to its aesthetic value.


Throughout the magazine the articles are selected in a way that combines many different themes that makes the read interesting and refreshing, for example the types of articles and pieces found are; Interviews, opinion pieces, fashion shoots, empowering speeches, poetry, creative writing such as storytelling, research pieces, advice, music and business question and answers.

The largest parts of the magazine are the fashion shoot pieces and the interviews, in this case the interviews are with Rae Morris, Tess Ward and Georgina Campbell. In between are the other types of articles that I mentioned before, which are personally my favourite parts of the magazine as they feel more personal and creative, so I connect and enjoy reading them more. I would have loved for there to be more stories and creative pieces, but that is just my preference.


Tess ward is the photo featured on the front cover, dressed in flowing pastel clothes, against a pastel background. This colour palette is very mainstream, to me this is one of the most attractive cover styles, I also found that this issue is particularly photogenic.

Each section of the magazine has its own colour palette and without being too stereotypical they are very feminine and beautiful. The colours of pages, fonts and drawings are complimented and continued in the fashion shots alongside the articles. Another fun feature is the addition of poster pages that range from the fashion shots and models to motivational messages, which is a nice touch.


Although each article has its own individual message and meaning, as a whole the magazine clearly promotes female empowerment, creativity, ambition and a hardworking attitude. The articles and sections are written by various authors and influencers which is evidence of the independent magazine’s interest in broadcasting girl’s voices in all areas. The magazine is not just feminist ideology enforced, but is a really healthy platform for women to publish their interests in fashion, interviewing, story-writing, business and opinions.

Overall, I found this magazine really calming and inspiring. It is a lovely and enjoyable read but also provides a refreshing perspective on women and society. I will definitely continue getting Sunday Girl.


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