Today’s post is a little different from my others, its a bit more of a discussion. I was reading my magazines and a consistent topic throughout them is how damaging social media can be on a person’s creativity levels. So after reading an article about this in the Sunday Girl magazine I began to notice these instances in my life and in those around me. Thoughts such as “What is the point in me putting effort into this if so many others have done the same?”, “My work will never be as successful as theirs?”, “Everyone seems so talented, I just don’t think my work will never compare to theirs!” If you are a creative worker or produce anything for an audience then you lie if you say these thoughts have never once gone through your mind. But I cannot tell you how wrong and restricting this attitude can be. You must strive towards your artistic goals and products with confidence.


These days you do not only have the pressure from the peers surrounding you but you also have the inevitable pressure of the internet and social media. Social media is a brilliant way to connect and socialise. But it is also a huge platform for people to present their products work and personal life. This is can be very damaging and discouraging to someone who sees others with thousands more Instagram followers living the dream that they wish to achieve. This should not stop you. It is awfully cliche, but never taken seriously enough, that everyone’s going to produce something different, you mustn’t shadow your own creative ideas and motivation because you believe that you won’t compare. Something to remember is, to be as creative as possible and produce pieces that you’re proud of and that should be good enough. Work even harder and share it publicly and bask in sharing your work with the public, but stay humble.

A large problem for a creative mind with social media, is being desensitised and unmotivated to even pursue an interest or creative activity because everyone else is already doing it. It no longer seems unique or original; fashion, poetry and photography are among the most popular creative activities plastered all over social media and can sometimes make it seem as if these are no longer talents or unique abilities which often causes people not to see the point in taking these up professionally. This is not to say that everyone having access to these activities is a bad thing, because it is so important for all to be able to have a creative outlet. It is simply the mindset of necessity; why should I create this if this person with double the followers has shared something similar to thousands? The reason they should is because it is their interest and passion to do so, they should strive to create something personal or original to them and that means that they will not need to compare themselves.


I encourage you to find a Balance:

  • It is near impossible to avoid social media in this internet obsessed society, unless you completely abandon internet and media altogether, which I doubt most would do. So, how to use it healthily, create a balance. Celebrate other artists’ and creatives’ work, to be jealous and envious is toxic and unhelpful, in all means view their work as healthy competition (as motivation to continue, not defeat.) To support others and teaching that ethic creates a cycle where you will too be supported, it is beneficial to the self and others.

As well as a Barrier:

  • You must place a barrier between your sensitivity to social media and your creative processes as if they exist on different planets as the buzz and mimicking of social media can be so desensitising. Use social media as a platform of expression rather than a platform of assurance and proof of worth. You must be strict with yourself and take breaks from social media to regain your creativity levels, actively stop yourself from scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.


Thank you for reading today’s post, I hope you consider your creative outlets with more confidence and do them for the sake of yourself and not social media.








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