Today I thought I’d shake things up a bit and delve into a bit of photography. I brainstormed what I thought would be the most beautiful thing to capture, which would definitely be my grandparents’ garden, my most relaxed and positive place to be.

The most aesthetically pleasing images to me are flowers, nature and greenery. A bunch of flowers and some potted plants in my room or a flower bed with a gradient of vibrant colours lifts my mood and surrounds me with so much positivity. Easing any stress and separates the wired online mindset from the calm, one with nature kind of mindset (bit typical and cringe, sorry.) So, this post is going to be a little look at my grandparents’ lovely garden, so you can see why it relaxes me so much.


These photos are of the vibrancy and variety in the garden, I think these flowers make the scene so alive and pretty. The garden obviously attracts so many creatures that seek pollen so I was really happy to capture the bee on the what me and my grandma like to call bunny rabbits or their more commonly used name: snapdragons. Although I love bees I am also very scared of them so I’m pretty proud of myself for getting that close.

I know the gnome statue planter in the background of one of the photos is kind of creepy, but they’re classics in my grandparents’ garden, therefore they are lovable.



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The garden has some lovely pastel and dainty splashes of colour also, from climbing roses and blossoming trees to lavender and ornamental grass. These are probably my favourite parts as soft hues are the most aesthetically pleasing to me.



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These peachy-salmon coloured roses are pretty on their own anyway, but while I was busy photographing something else, the sun, starting to set, came bursting through some clouds and I literally ran over to them because they looked so gorgeous basking in the warm light. Altogether the roses just looked glorious so I thought they deserved their own set.



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The colour green represents calm, harmony and fertility, all positive and good vibes beam from the colour green. I think that’s why I feel my most relaxed and de-tangled when sitting in the garden or anywhere that is as natural as possible in such a digitally and emotionally busy world. In my sanctuary, green does not only come from trees and grass it also comes from little seedlings, tomato plants with green unripe produce and strawberry plants with green ends to tell you that they’re not quite ready yet. You get something delicious from this green.



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I just really liked the cool tones and textures of these images. Also, my grandparents get loads of different birds in the garden, even the odd sparrow hawk from time to time, but because we were all in the garden enjoying the weather not many came down and if they did it was impossible to take a picture of them, so I present- a feather and a bird box. (I think the texture of the bark on the tree would be sick to paint.)



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I really hope you enjoyed this post, I love stealing my boyfriend’s camera and venturing into some photography, and flowers are my favourite things in the world. However, my grandma and grandad’s backyard probably isn’t the most exciting thing, but it is extremely important to me so, oh well.

I am in no means saying I am good at photography also, I don’t want any photography experts to think I am claiming to be technically good, I just enjoy taking pictures.





All photos taken by me on a Canon EOS 1300D DSLR camera, with a Canon zoom lens 18-55mm

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